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Anmeldung möglich 201-42301 - Englisch B1.1

( ab Fr., 21.2., 8.30 - 10.00 Uhr )

Lehrbuch: "Great! B1", Klett Verlag, (Bestellnr. 501484), ab Lektion 7/8.

Anmeldung möglich 201-42302 - Englisch B1.1

( ab Fr., 21.2., 10.15 - 11.45 Uhr )

Lehrbuch: "Fairway new B1", Klett Verlag (Bestellnr. 501614), ab Lektion 9/10.

Anmeldung möglich 201-42303 - English B1.2

( ab Do., 20.2., 18.15 - 19.45 Uhr )

Lehrbuch: "In conversation B1/B2", Klett Verlag (Bestellnr. 501555-5), ab Lektion 1.

Anmeldung möglich 201-42304 - Englisch B1.2

( ab Mo., 17.2., 19.40 - 21.10 Uhr )

Do you want to know how to write a short CV in English or take part in a job interview? Perhaps you are interested in talking about ways to improve your lifestyle or maybe you want to know more about English grammar (e.g., will future vs. going to future, question tags, etc)? Then this course is for you! We will devote some time to all the aspects of English including speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar review.
Das Lehrbuch wird im Kurs bekannt gegeben.
Learning by doing, that is the focus of this group, so that we can feel more relaxed and comfortable when speaking English. We talk about everyday things and other topics. The mistakes we make help us to learn more words and improve our grammar. We work without a book.

fast ausgebucht 201-42352 - Monday Morning Conversation (B1)

( ab Mo., 17.2., 10.10 - 11.40 Uhr )

Would you like to meet others and talk in English about all kinds of topics of everyday life in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere? Would you like to improve your English conversation skills and learn new words and expressions and also do a bit of grammar? Then come and join us on Monday morning!
Up-to-date articles and other texts are provided by the teacher. Our aim is to have a good time using the English language. In addition to all that, short vocabulary and grammar exercises will be included. Course material is provided by the teacher.

Anmeldung möglich 201-42355 - Conversation B1/B2

( ab Mi., 19.2., 10.15 - 11.45 Uhr )

You want to practise speaking English, improve your vocabulary, check out your grammar. We use our book for structure and we add on lots of activities. Come and join us.
Das Lehrbuch wird im Kurs bekannt gegeben.

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